to show hatred to someone in a very cowardly underhanded way to try and upset the victim and make him act out in a aggressive way back to them but in a loud manner so the passive aggressive moron can look like the victim. done by manipulative people.
bugsy: come on lets drive on our neighbors grass...........neighbor: listen, i know your driving on my grass in a passive aggressive way....stop it grow the fuck up.........bugsy: oh i'm sorry it wasn't done on purpose, do you believe me?...........neighbor: of course i don't believe you you weasely prick but if i get angry about it you win don't ya............bugsy: can i just say that i'm so sorry.......(bugsy walks off with smile on face :)............neighbor calmly goes in house gets is cosh out and beats the crap out of his pillow screaming YETI....YETI......YEEEEETTTTTTIIIIIIII
by i'lldamageyourpropertypostman September 23, 2018
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When you want to negatively affect someone without violence.
A told bad jokes to B so B curses at A and gets I trouble A was being passive aggressive
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to push a strong thought without making oneself vulnerable. a personality that may be ranting strong beliefs behind people's back or safely on the internet to avoid retaliation from the fear of it. trying to push others with a strong defensive shield that shows weakness. ranting/preaching politics and religion without a strong sense of assertiveness. pushing beliefs without action and results.
some passive aggressive guy was writing nasty racist comments on the internet because he knew that if he did it face to face he would have gotten his fuckin face kicked in.
by eazy-x January 02, 2008
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When you are on the highway and you are trying to get somewhere. You are trying to get places and you have to aggressively pass all those slow bitches who cant get over. Biotch.
This morning this dude from Jersey was so passive aggressive. He literally cut off 5 people in a matter of 30 seconds. Then i passed the bitch in the slow lane.
by albertocrat June 08, 2015
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Mumbling some bullshit that's immediately not worth repeating the second it leaves your mouth
She mumbled some passive aggressive bullshit at me and i was like "miss me with that bro"
by DirtDgller September 12, 2017
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