Large out door mall in Pasadena, Ca. The stores are aimed at conservative women married to rich attorneys, but Paseo tends to be crawling with their sons and daughters instead- ussually free spirited scene kids chillin' and wearing awesome pants (from urban outfitters). That's pasadena for you.
Mr. and Mrs. Madison just dropped Laura off at paseo in their Lexus. Laura is wearing tight pants and vitage jewelry as she chills and pretends not to know her parents.
by WestCoastLisa January 26, 2006
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1. The Toyota Paseo is a sports coupe that can be viewed as the little brother to the Celica. First made in 1991, not 1992, and finished in 1998 with a convertible version.

2. Paseo is also Spanish for walk or something, just take away the o and it makes sense.
by catch phrase April 22, 2006
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Toyota "sports" car built on the Tercel platform. Actually about as sporty as an old caddy. Hard to find in spite of its reliability because most were riced to shit and/or heavily abused.
Some idiot on my block put a big fart can on his Toyota Paseo and started revving it up and down the street
by techn1ciaN August 22, 2018
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Literally the best car in existence, engine can be tuned to gap a Shelby GT500
Friend 1: “Hey dude, watch this Smart car with a tuned Toyota Paseo engine beat a GT500!”

Friend 2: “That’s so cool!”
by pusayslayer27 June 26, 2020
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Kipp paseo is a place where a ton of addicts of cocaine and weed are at. You ever want cocaine or weed don’t worry just ask the kids in the restroom they have more then enough to share. Kipp paseo also has so many gay guys who still have not comed out to us but we all know they are gay. Don’t worry we will support you no matter what. You ever wanna fuck just ask the guys and they’ll do it for some cash or food.
Kipp paseo is a place with cocaine and weed addicts are at not to mention there is so many gay people.
by Unknown student November 15, 2021
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