A party that is more fun, outrageous and epic than a normal party.
Nah, its meant to be a load of bollocks. Let's throw a partay.
by KilljoyLloyd December 30, 2010
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The other definition of party.

In times of today, a party is usually associated with alcohol, drinks, drugs, sex, etc.

A Partay is a party without drinks, drugs, or anything considered inappropriate for people of the age 17 and under.

A partay can consist of hanging out with your friends, going mini-golfing, dancing at a dance, and much more as long as it involves having fun without doing drugs, drinking, having sex, etc.
"Hey Kimberlee, We're going to partay tonight!!!"
"Sweet I'll bring the gatorade and music, let's hang out at Denny's!"
"Alright, see you there."

"Dang Teddy, last night's high school dance was alot of fun!"
"Yeah it was a total partay!!!"
by IgnominiouS Lad October 24, 2009
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If you're looking this up you've OBVIOUSLY never been to one. Not the typically party. Usually thrown by one who is a Disnazy.
Friend: We should have a partay!

Me: Yassss! Dere will be food, and more food, and a piñata!
by sparklycholoshankmeorspankme January 29, 2015
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A.K.A as partay or party, is a social gathering of a group of people with the purpose of having fun.
" I am going to partai with freinds tonight, wanna come, bitch!?!"
by Aydin Salek March 25, 2008
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1. party
2. a facetious reference to a get-together that would not traditionally be considered a party.
1. It's Saturday night, and I am ready to partay.
2. I don't want to do homework alone tonight; wanna have a homework partay?
by aichac December 18, 2011
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1. noun; a social gathering usually containing loud rap or hip-hop music, an abundance of substance abuse and often a great amount of sexual promiscuity.

2. noun; similar in mood and atmosphere to a party, but with more attitude. can usually be heard in areas of downtown wordcompton/word or wordthe wood/word.
1. ain't nothin' but a gangsta partay!

2. what comes before part b? partay!
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
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