To hold on to every bit you can or try to use the bare minimum of what is needed

-Related words/phrases: Frugal, Ration, Small use, penny-pinching ect..
1) the teacher was very parsimonious and did not let the student use her supplies in fear of not having enough, and needing to buy more before his/her paycheck

Chad was Parsimonious when it came to his candy and when kids asked for some skittles he gave them one, just 1
by Serious Joker August 2, 2014
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A hoarding, self Seeking, bottom feeder unwilling to help other with resources they have. Who does things only for his own benefit and is often morally shunned. People who have little to no conscience and will lie, cheat, steal and manipulate others for their own benefit. A person who cares only for themselves and has no empathy or sympathy for others. These people will often ask who's going to pay for social solutions and admit they don't care enough to want to pay.
That ungrateful parsimonious piece of crap couldn't afford to help with our mom's funeral but she can afford to get her hair and nails done but she'll be first in line to receive her inheritance.
by Yaunti December 16, 2018
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Adoption of the simplest explanation for an observation. Also stinginess or frugality in regards to economics and finance.
Vanguard must spend a lot of money on printing and mailing its statements, because of the extra paper involved. Undoubtedly, that was a tough decision for the company, which is known for its parsimony
by sug-almighty June 27, 2005
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An individual who presses co-workers or friends to come up with the simplest solutions to problems.
Suzy is such a parsimonier, asking question after question to try and help us figure out how to make things as straightforward as possible. I guess it's efficient, but it can be a ton of questions.
by Stoolie May 29, 2014
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Thrifty. Could be either described as a wise spender, or unable to let go of money.
Jack was very parsimonious, he always wanted to buy that souvenir, but everytime we passed by the shop, he would always decide not to.
by Brandon Vo August 29, 2006
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The Principle "of parsimony" infers that a phenomena can be explained best with the simplest hypothesis that accounts for all the evidence. Since we can only tell the difference between something that is true and something that is false, by inferring our own observations and using the general rule to make a guess, adding entities to a hypothesis that are not accounted for by evidence results in a hypothesis that is not parsimonious and less believable than prior.

This is referred to and explained in Occam's Razor, which follows the same basic principle.

The word may also be used to infer simplicity, or the state of a hypothesis in which it explains a phenomenon using entities suggested by evidence, and no absolutely more.
"Your hypothesis for insert phenomena, i.e.gravitational effects derived from atomic warp of spacetime was fine until you added entity to it, we have no evidence for that, you're just making stuff up, we observed the electromagnetic fluctuation before in CERN, why do you need to make it more complex, just do the math and see if it works, trust me it seems accurate enough already. Just apply the Principle of parsimony!"
by Yared Scott November 23, 2015
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