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To hold on to every bit you can or try to use the bare minimum of what is needed

-Related words/phrases: Frugal, Ration, Small use, penny-pinching ect..
1) the teacher was very parsimonious and did not let the student use her supplies in fear of not having enough, and needing to buy more before his/her paycheck

Chad was Parsimonious when it came to his candy and when kids asked for some skittles he gave them one, just 1
by Serious Joker August 04, 2014
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Thrifty. Could be either described as a wise spender, or unable to let go of money.
Jack was very parsimonious, he always wanted to buy that souvenir, but everytime we passed by the shop, he would always decide not to.
by Brandon Vo August 28, 2006
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