A place where middle-aged and elderly Taiwanese politicians duke it out, "Fight Club" style over the most bizarre arguments.
The first rule of Taiwanese Parliament: Do not talk about Taiwanese Parliament.
by Austin James April 6, 2004
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A smooth and relaxing light cigarette that everyone loves. And gives a great buzz
Tim:Yo Jon you gotta cig?
Jon:Yeah i got some newport lights on my desk.
Tim: Newports are nasty, i want some parliament lights. I gotta say Jon, you have the worst taste in cigarettes.
by kman998 March 14, 2010
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The term originates from the United Kingdom, and arises from a situation when the government becomes so full of dicks that voters lose faith. When a general election happens, no majority is declared and a hung parliament occurs.
"After the expenses scam, the Houses of Parliament were so chock-a-block with cocks that I'm certain the government after this election will be a Hung Parliament."
by expenses scandal April 16, 2010
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When the Government of Canada does an act of pure stupidity that serves the oligarchy and rich.
Bro 1: Did you see how the feds are spending money?
Bro 2: yeah they're a Poutine Parliament
by Feprexzikn April 6, 2022
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A pathetic waste of English taxpayers money.
Your English so you cant have your own parliament, but you can spend £400,000,000 on a spanking new one for the Scots.
by Billy November 5, 2004
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Members of British parliament with monstrous dicks with veins the size of a normal persons wrist, that are thrust down the throats of baby elephants. This process usually arouses morbidly grotesque middle aged men.
Dude at the zoo: "Damn that is one "HUNG parliament!"
by GeorgePooney69 May 12, 2010
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where over-payed wankers discuss about what to do when something that wont ever happen happens.
houses of parliament
by henry lole January 27, 2004
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