the opposite of a landing strip; two patches of hair separated by a naked patch. not limited to the pubic region.
"did you see that girl, she had a parking lot, who does that?"
by hayvan January 13, 2010
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A special type of well actually man that you find teaching English in SEA countries. This person cannot discern whether a word is compound or made up of two separate words despite having obtained an undergrad degree. His interests are typically very generic in taste such as anime, bukowski, and canned beer. His past times include smoking malboro reds, blogging on blogger or wordpress, and walking around walmart at 3am with his friends.
Have you made any friends at the school you're teaching at? Naw the other teacher is a Parkin Glot.
by osuiqueue January 09, 2020
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Parking Lot refers to the meeting of two people at a deserted parking lot, usually a deserted one when everything is closed. Fast food is apart of this ritual such as A&W root beer because of Lou or McDonalds. Parking Lot is always the best and worst of times because these two people usually have a major crisis on their hands that is in desperate need of consulting. No other people are aloud to join parking lot. To invite another person to parking lot defeats the purpose of parking lot. Also doing parking lot with another person is forbidden in the laws of parking lot because it is just weird.
after Shelby lost her key chain her boyfriend made her watch epic meal time so Shelby called Marisa crying in desperate need of parking lot. Shelby picked up Marisa after leaving her boyfriends house. The two went to the deserted no frills parking lot and shared an oreo blizzard from McDonalds.
At the end of parking lot Shelby felt better about everything because Marisa was there to comfort her.
by night_hawk_couple_hater June 13, 2011
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