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One who gives the impression of being against the use of force, but actually embraces it. For example, antiwar protestors actively decry the use of force against armed opponents of a foreign country, but actively support the use of force against unarmed citizens of their own country for the purpose of redistributing their wealth. They are typically the same ones who whine and gnash their teeth over guns, but yet ironically would be unable to force you to pay into various social programs were it not for the gun.
Jane Fonda was an antiwar protestor. Being a rich leftist, she was against the use of force, unless said force was used to redistribute your wealth into programs she deemed worthy.
by Vince October 30, 2004
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The act of vetoing any information that comes from anyone else.

Outside information is deemed "useless".

Generally, the information originally supplied was much better than the information added after being vetoed.
I had this GREAT idea the other day, but I was cervied and now it's doomed to fail.
by Vince February 11, 2005
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A city in sicily where vito corleone got his name from when he came to america.
I went to corleone when i went to italy
by Vince March 29, 2005
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A powerful engine from oldmobile
I have a 455 olds in my boat
by Vince April 01, 2005
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A Grade you can get when you Combo your way through an entire song on DDR or get a majority of Perfects.
Yea! I totally AA'd Dream A Dream!
by Vince May 30, 2004
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