A small town in the southeast part of Los Angeles County California zip code 90262
Rob said, " James where's Lynwood located? James said, " north of Compton, east of Watts, south of South Gate, West of Paramount.
by Jaye_$upreme August 17, 2016
The purest of remedial, that person whos IQ makes forrest gump look like Einstein.
Smokes crack, drinks shitty alcohol, starts and ends every sentence with bo.
Works for $3.50/hour and thinks its gold bricks.
Is also a extremely closeted but raging homosexual, his baby dady is in prison, turned him into a country fried faggot cumdump.
He look like sid the sloth had a child with slow ed from ed edd n eddy, and the baby smoked meth and had a child with lester from Cleveland show.
Sucks so much dick, he can suck clear from air, black from night, light out of day, even the blue it of the sky.
Broke nigga, can't afford something that $2.50 at walmart.
Pathological liar, he lies just to hear him self make noise
No abilities other than smoking crack, smoking meth, snorting coke, and before his baby cheddar bob got time would get his butthole pounded raw.
Lynwood: godammmit bo I tried fixing this chainsaw by beating with a hammer , but the stupid piece of shit broke bo.

Lynwood: man bo fuck you bo.

Lynwood: aye bo, fuck it my elevator don't go all the way to the top bo.

Lynwood (verb)

Person 1: shit I had my phone in my pocket this whole time

Person 2: omfg you are a lynwood ass motherfucker
by TheLazyCoolGenius March 20, 2017
Lynwood is one of the ghettoest, craziest, dope ass cities located in Southern California. Its neighboring cities include Crazy Crack head Compton, Wtf wack ass Watts, Paisa ass Paramount, South of the Border South Gate, and Douche bag Downey. The 710 Freeway runs through Lynwood but always seems to be "Under Construction" for some fucking reason! Official Theme song of the city is "This is How We Do It" by Montell Jordan and the Official Pet to own in Lynwood is a Pit Bull. The residents of Lynwood are often referred to as Lynwoodians and are proud of it! In Lynwood everybody dates everybody's ex's. Teen moms that have two Baby Daddies make up most of the Community. Lynwood residents are a mixed bag of Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and Samoans, maybe one or two Caucasian families. All residents speak Spanish regardless of Race. Home of Lynwood High Scool which bears the same colors as The Los Angeles Lakers: Purple and Gold. House Parties were perfected in Lynwood. Every after party sees the Sunrise. There is at least one Liquor Store or Taco Stand on every block. Notable natives include "Weird Al" Yankovic, Rick Adelman, Venus Williams, Kevin Costner, and Jesse James. All of whom never given shit back to Lynwood! Home of the Mad Dog 20/20, Boonies, Solo Jeans, Chicos, Angelos, the Hookers on Long Beach Blvd., Final resting place of El Farrallon and Manas, Getting High on every drug known to mankind, and last but not least Tam's Burgers No. 9!
Girl 1: So where is this party at???

Girl 2: Lynwood!

Girl 1: This party is gonna be off the chain! I'm gonna get so fucked up!!!
by Mikey Wood May 25, 2010
Lynwood A city thats between Compton and South Gate. It has improved over the years. Back in the 90's and even early 2000's there was violence all around the city. Mainly along the borderline with Compton. You have gangs all throughout the city. Compitas, South Side Gangsters, South Side Lynwood, Young Crowd, Banning St, Paragons, El Segundo, Santa Fe Locos, Dukes, and the Krazy Kats. You also have a bunch of crews, tagging crews. You have two high schools, the main one Lynwood High School and Firebaugh High School. Plaza Mexico is one of the highlights of Lynwood. It was called the Market Place back in the day. Tams and Chicos are the go to spots to eat.
Ey were you from?!

by prod90 September 11, 2019
A massive and/or prolonged bowel movement. Often accompanied by liquid discharge and goose-like noises. Requires multiple courtesy flushes.
Guy 1: Whoa dude, did you make a lynwood in the men's room? It fucking reeks in there!

Guy 2: Yeah, I ate cheap Mexican last night.
by Biggus Dikgus July 14, 2011
Lynwood senior high is a complete shit hole, every person there is a selfish, mainstream, brainless plastic moron, who do not have any original thoughts in their body, and live according to what makes them seem to be hot or whatever. (Excluding about 3 people) All efforts should be made to avoid this school at all costs.
"This place is a crap hole"

"Can't be as bad as lynwood mate."

"Lynwood senior high school?"


by That epic type of guy August 25, 2009