1. A word used to define something which has anti-stereotypical, ironic, or contradictive qualities.

2. An indie band from Wolverhampton, UK who have several amazing songs and gig on a regular basis around the midlands area!
1. If you're a pig and you snort cocaine, that's paradoxic.

2. "Hey, have you heard of paradoxic?"
"Yeah, I went to their gig last week"
"Oh cool - I've only heard them on myspace"
"oooh, what is it, i can't find it?"
by AgzOrns March 13, 2009
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a statement that appears to be self-contradictory but may actually be true
You can't change who you are unless you want to, but whether you want to is part of who you are. Some paradox.
by yorrick hunt January 24, 2008
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If Pinocchio said, "My nose will grow now!" and his nose didn't grow, then he would have told a lie... But his nose grows when he lies. Since his nose would have grown, it would be a paradox because his nose grew even though he told the truth.
by hellokittylitter15 February 20, 2011
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1. self-contradictoriness of logical conclusions deriving from the same logical conclusions.

2. also what you would call a highly oxymoroned town.
That the liar says he tells the truth is full of paradoxicity.
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A meta-state which has a counter-formalistic (cyclically-chronistic) beginning and a counter-formalistic end.


Creates an object, event, or experience which has a discrete beginning and discrete end in time.
A paradox appears as an experience, event, or object. We usually call an observably paradox-created object a "coincidence."

Paradoxes and objects are mutually inclusive.

All paradoxes are objects and all objects (events & experiences) are paradoxes.
by tomorrowtomorrow August 30, 2018
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A situation that would seem true or possible but at the same time is false or not possible.
A person looks up the word "Paradox" on Urban Dictionary. He/she then reads," A person looks up the word "Paradox" on Urban Dictionary. He/she then reads," A person looks up the word "Paradox" on Urban Dictionary. He/she then reads...
by Rubik Time Traveler June 13, 2015
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See: Paradox
I went back in time and accidentally killed myself, but I'm not gone because since I was never born. I never came back and killed myself, so that means I'm still alive in the future to come back in time and kill myself, which is why I'm here, having just killed myself and restarted the vicious cycle. I'm stuck in a Paradox.
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