Paola is a hot,sexy girl who is never afraid to take some chances. Anybody is lucky if they have a nice sweet paola around. Paola is smart but she doesn’t show it and she rather have everyone happy than herself. She is the kindest smartest and most trustworthy girl you will every met and damn paola sure has some curves.
Person 1: have you seen her!
Person 2:who?
Person 1: that girl ! She is really hot and I heard she is smart too. Person 2: oh that’s such a paola.
by Daphnie101 December 8, 2017
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the most beautiful girl in the entire world. Eveyone that meets her loves her ans just can never get enough of her. Every guy in the world stares at her and wants to have her but are always too shy to say something. This girl is extremely smart and always strives for the best. Her long luscious locks capture everyones eyes as much as her own eyes capture everyones soul. Her beauty is unresistable. She is the most caring, funny, lovable, and gorgeous girl you will ever meet. Of course we can mevr forget how stylish and on point her outfit and makeup always is.
Everyone is in love with Paola
by puppylove11111111 January 7, 2015
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A cute short hispanic female who was short in elemantary but at one time used to be taller than all her friends (fuvking midgets)but by freshman year everyone was taller than her oop- she is really sweet and very loyal.She can be funny at times,sexy and cute but shes really smart. She has long darkbrown hair beautiful eyes/lashes and as a kid always wore a ponytail or braids. She can be a bit loud and fiesty but most of the time shes quiet and shy. Most people call her nicknames like pao or paloma and shes usually bestfriends with L,S,K,C and M people she is in LOVE with CHOCOLATEand chips and shes an artist she likes long relationships distant or not. She can get jelous easilly and shes sorta sensitive. Yet she can get revenge on you. They like to sleep and stay on the phone at 2 am till they fall asleep and she has many friends but rejects most guys bc their toxic and she knows it. but her heart always tends to fall in love with A,J and K people.
Guy 1: Your dating paola?!?! You're the luckiest guy in the world!
Guy 2: yeah? Frl
Guy 1: Shes perfect treat her right.
by Im just speaking facts April 7, 2020
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A Hispanic girl that can get very jealous and is sensitive.Treat her right because Paola’s like revenge I know cus I’m a paola
La Bsf Paola
by La loca bishh June 22, 2019
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A cute short Hispanic girl who is sweet and really funny at times. Paola's are veryyyyy loyal. Paola's are usually best friends with names that's start with c,k,and z.For example Caroline, Kendall,and Zoe. Although Paola's are loyal because of that they can become jealous very easily. But other than that Paola's are great ! :)
You're best friend is Paola!

Wow you're Sooo lucky !
by Strawberry October 27, 2014
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Classy yet sexy. She definitely walks in to a room and the attention is drawn to her. Paired with intelligence and looks she's someone who will not settle for less. When she's yours you have her and you will receive the ultimate form of love and affection like you have never experienced before.
Paola is simply the best girlfriend you can have
by Whos man is this? October 25, 2017
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A very beautiful person. She is amazing in every way. She is very intelligent and will stop to help anyone that needs it. Loves to eat all types of desserts especially chocolate.
All Paolas are the same.
by Lakeshow24 February 14, 2013
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