1. A lack thereof pants.
2. To be at peace with ones legs.
3. A state of perfection. Not to be confuzed with the state of New York. Or Arkansas. Or Victoria. Or Hungary. Which is a country.
Pantless Dave is the king of the interweb. Bow before his might. The pantologists shall crush ye beneath their mighty pantlessness. Ye shall be cleansed, and ye pants burned.
by Pantless Dave March 31, 2006
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To be very elite in many ways.
You are so Pantless Krab.
by mibz. May 27, 2003
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A ridiculous event ( that took place in Montreal Canada on January 11, 2015) in which people took the metro wearing no pants, but underwear.
If you took part in Montreal's pantless marathon you should be ashamed of yourself and I want nothing to do with you
by Sexydimma May 20, 2016
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n. to be a traitor or liar
v. to betray
He defected faster than a Pantless Krab.
He was Pantless Krabbing both sides in the war.
by Omnicron September 19, 2003
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A revered member of the -ZoU- clan. His 1337 skillz are known across the land, and he won't hesitate to pwn any newblets. Also known for his excellent sense of humor and for pimpin' the ladies.

"Hey Sharon! What are you doing tonight? Going out with Andy?"

"HELL NO!! I dumped Andy for GOONAH!!!"
by Goony June 21, 2005
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