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Mainly associated with Japanese bread crumbs this word originated as something people would call a Japanese woman's crusty Vagina. In the early 1940's this word was used by US soldiers to describe the vagina of many brothel workers and older women they would pay to sleep with. After World War II this was used all over the United States as a derogatory term for any Asian woman because of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Now in the 2000's Panko has resurfaced as a common term used among many white people who think they're Asian and many White males who screw Asian women for the orignal use, The Crusty Japanese Vagina.
1940's: " The old Asian woman I was courting had a very Panko vagina"- Anonymous U.S. Soldier

After WWII: 1. "Did you see that Panko? She was actually fucking hot!"

2."So? Do you like your Panko Old? or do you like your Panko before the grass grows?"

2000's:1. "Man! Your old lady got naked at the party and showed off her damn Panko." - White Teen who thinks he's Asian talking about a Mexican Woman.

2." You might want to wash yourself so you don't have a Panko." -Anonymous White Male
by Crusty Peas October 28, 2012
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An extreme, insane stunt performed naked and backwards, with ill-regard for ones well being.
Whoa dude, did you see that guy pull off that panko!? Amazing!
by Sir Walter Jahivahoe August 10, 2005
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An extremely lazy person that has no common sense and adds no value to the bottom line. Constantly appologizes for lack of results but never actually does anything about it.
That guy is a real Panko; he has done nothing all week.
by Armageddon2012 September 03, 2009
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a slut, whore, female who have sex with alot of guys
mrs. panko is a slut
by colin June 16, 2003
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