To shit on the edge of a toilet and press it down with the seat.
Bro, waffle stomping is for nerds, Panini Pressing is how you assert dominance in a public bathroom.
by Poopman69420 March 16, 2019
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Having sexual intercourse while having the female bent over the counter making a sandwich for the male counterpart. Sandwiches may vary in complexity from ham and cheese to a full blown BLT (frying of bacon included). The product sandwich may then be enjoyed by the man either instantly or to be stored away for a later consumption. (Packed lunches, etc.) In addition, if the cutting of meats such as salami is required, the female may choose to hold the meat steady with one hand and allow the thrusts to power the slicing of the knife.
While "Joe" was having the time of his life with "Sally", he became hungry. "Sally" then offered him a Panini Press to satisfy both his sexual and physical hunger.
by CFF, Cpt. S, CPWS, LLD February 28, 2011
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When you stick your dick in a girl’s ass and she squishes her ass cheeks and squeezes your dick like how a panini press presses food.
Yo bro, last night Amber panini pressed my dick, it was great!
by Random Urban Dictionary user November 19, 2017
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When someone sits down and proceeds to defecate on a closed toilet seat.
There is a brown outline of butt cheeks stained on the toilet seat from the multiple panini press pranks the customers have pulled at my job.

If this line moves any slower I’m going to panini press this business as revenge.
by Momimalion October 28, 2018
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The act of being extra pressed , more than pressed one would say
I was playing with this guy on playstation , and he was so panini pressed that i kept killing him
by oxfordickinme February 02, 2021
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The act of being sandwiched in between two huge beastly women.
I was in the club the other night when I started to make my way to dance with an extremely hot boppa when all of a sudden I was panini pressed between two grenades...not a good look for me bro.
by brownboyCrew September 30, 2011
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To sandwich oneself under an electric blanket with a weighted blanket on top of the electric blanket.
Its so rainy and cold that I am going to stay home and just panini press myself.
by Kelleycarnesofga October 04, 2021
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