Basically the food version of crazy. Sometimes just shortened to ham. i.e Coach goes Ham
Those guys went ham and cheese over that comic book
by Mug Handle June 22, 2018
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To be overly inebriated or drunk. Might be used in place of the word hammered or smashed.
I drank so much, I'm so ham and cheesed right now!
by Brody Denis May 5, 2007
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When your toes hang over your slides
Damn bro! You got major ham and cheese!
She’s ham and chessing over there
Look at those toes! Ham and cheese!
by yoyofloridaboy August 22, 2022
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"Where's my motha-fuckin' benji greens?"
"In between my ham and cheese curtains, wanna take a dustin'?"
by Champloo October 28, 2006
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