A fan of a formerly small artist who rejects them when they blow up. They say their music is underrated but get mad when it goes mainstream, no loyalty

Created by Lil Nas X in his song Panini
He took the name from a cat-rabbit on a cartoon called Chowder
Hey panini, can you just be happy for the artist’s success?

What a panini, Lizzo is just as bomb now that she’s mainstream
by Suckmypopcorn November 24, 2019
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The male sex organ (known as a schlong; dick; or in Old English, a penis) of humans living in Italy or of Italian descent.
Giovanni's girlfriend slapped him when he whipped his panini onto her face.
by thestorer May 26, 2009
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A nickname for Panav. However, instead of being a delicious meal he is a piece of trash who mansplains 24/7. He also has an incurable disease of idioticy.
K: Yo, do you like Panini
H: Nah bruh Panav is a bastard
by X4r.Xi January 20, 2020
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A bitch who wants to see you succeed, with the intention of seeing you eventually fall
The panini only decided to tell my love about our small affair the night I proposed to her
by All Red E June 21, 2019
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Another word for pussy
And typically used in sexualised ways
by Panini word October 27, 2020
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