To be removed voluntarily or involuntarily from a guild; Also accompanied with a "Bye Cunt" panda meme
by DeeMoney1 March 10, 2019
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having sex; fucking; making love; getting your "groove on";
Girl 1: I hit my head on the wall so there wasn't any panda pandaing last night.

Girl 2: Lame.
by zenmechanic March 17, 2009
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The practice of assuming that any gay man would be a perfect match for any other gay man you know--akin to the zoo situation in which pandas must be mated at all costs. Originating from a group on Facebook.
Curtis, there's someone I want you to meet . . . Relax, I swear it's not panda panda. You're both brokers and into Portishead.
by distingwished February 18, 2007
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Showing people how rare and special you are, like a panda.
(One YouTuber to another)
"What, are you pandaing to your audience?"
"What? No! Why would I indulge them like that?"
"I think you misunderstood me. 'Pandaing', it's like when you show your audience how rare and special you are, like a panda."
by NotInABand April 05, 2016
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a slang term for a police cruiser, originating from the term "black and white"
A panda pulled up next to my car right as I was lighting a joint.
by adevne August 28, 2016
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a retarded fucking song by some bitch that sounds like future, but really isnt
and people only like it for the beat because the beat is fire af, but the lyrics need google translate and jesus.
*Loud ass bitch in the background that sounds like he killing every fucking body*

Bitch that sounds like future: "Panda panda panda panda. I got broads in atlanta, fjjhhetiydbfimhgct...."
by Fxxk it May 11, 2016
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Person: OMG! What was that?

Other Person: It was a panda bro
by February 22, 2017
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