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One mean Mexican mother fucker who killed sissy Americans for fun.
Sissy gringo: who’s that tatted on your chest?
Mexican who just fucked a white bitch: Pancho Villa puto!!
Sissy gringo: sorry sorry don’t hurt me I’m a sissy bitch.
by Pancho Villa August 28, 2018
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When a guy puts a novelty mexican pancho around his penis, then exclaims 'ay, ay, ayyy' when his girl goes down on him.
Dude!! Don't touch that! I used that for a pancho villa last night!
by thekingofdebauchery July 23, 2011
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Pancho Alonso Villa, or Pancho Villa, (May 9, 1928 – July 3, 1995), who was generally known as Pancho V. or, less often, as "The Pancho."

He was Mexico's No. 1 ultimate frisbee player for an unequalled 8 years in the 1950s and early 1960s. During that period, he played as a professional in Mexico City's UFDIII.

Taught by his preceeding flying disc heavyweight champion Ricardo González , he was also a successful amateur player in the late-1940s, (twice winning the United States Ultimate Frisbee Championships while competing overseas.)

The tempestuous Villa is still widely considered to be one of the all-time great frisbee players. Prior to the Fris-ball era, he was considered by many observers to be the *greatest* player in the history of the game.

A 1999 Russell Athletics ultimate frisbee edition catalog about the magazine's 20 "favorite ultimate frisbee players" of the 20th century said about Mr. Villa (their number 14 pick): "If Earth was on the side of an ultimate frisbee match, the man you want tossing to save humankind would be Pancho Alonso Villa." The infamously noted Mexican woman's frisbee division commentator Flora L. Barnez echoed this in an August 2006 article for International Disc Throwers: "If I had to choose someone to play for my life, it would be Pancho Villa, mi amor."
Pancho Villa will be recorded in the annuls of sports history as one of the greatest ultimate frisbee players of all time.
by sux0r April 16, 2007
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I honestly have no idea what this means as a slang term. I'm only making this entry as an opportunity for others to add a definition.
In the web video "J2: Juggment Day", the sequel to "The Juggernaut Bitch", the Juggernaut shouts the line, "Pancho Villa! It's time to fuck!"
by Mike Ott August 19, 2006
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a group of 5 or more mexicans wearing panchos and getting drunk.
jesus: ey essay, jew going to da pancho villa tonight?
miguel: ya essay yo tiene el cervesa!
by cabeza con quesa August 18, 2011
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When a girl shits on your dick when you stick some beefy beef in her taco
I gave billy bob a pancho villa last night, there was shit all over his dick after he came in me
by Cockpushupskid69 January 29, 2009
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