What you basically call a flat ass.
Friend 1: Dude have u seen the new girl, she's pretty hot but she got pancakes
Friend 2: Pancakes, pancakes everywhere
by you all are unicorn farts March 12, 2015
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Hey Jim i heard you got a nice pancake from Beth this weekend you sick fuck.
by murphyboooooboooooo April 18, 2008
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When someone has huge nipples.
The strip club was awesome until Zippy the huge, pulled off her shirt to reveal some dark pancakes.
by Renal Ultrasound March 25, 2003
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1. A gay male.
2. A homosexual.
3. An efiminite straight man.
"Joe can't possibly like Cindy. He's a freakin' pancake."
by TheyCallMyNamesBrian September 26, 2006
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Because words are hard, pancakes is an expression of fondness, infatuation, and affection when no other expression seems to fit or is appropriate. It is something you can say to someone so that they will know, and you will know, even though neither of you really know. There is also an emoji for it, so that is nice.
Did you tell her how you feel?

No, I got tongue-tied and said, "I really like pancakes."
Well, did she get it?
Yeah, because she said she likes pancakes too, and then we totally nibbled.
by kinkybabysteps May 25, 2019
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