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To be flatten by something or someone, it is call pancaked. When pancaked, the person is squish to a very small height but more in length, pancaked is use to describe a person get flatten so flat it is like the size of a pancake (Or paper). The person is unable to move and couldn't do anything, and are defenseless. Person who are pancaked can be pick up and throw or turn over.... :D
Usually done by hitting someone with a hammer or a large object falling on them in anime and games.
1. Person1: Become a pancake!


Person 2: I'm a human pancake.....

Person 2: I look stupids, don't I.... No, please don't pick me up and turn me over!!! Please! Don't!....No...

2. I'm as flat as a pancake, a my?
by Believe what's in mind June 23, 2009
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1. a homosexual person
2. something you eat for breakfast
3. crack
"daniel is such a pancake!"
"mmmm... these pancakes are yummylicious"
by prssie January 18, 2009
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every 13-year old that wears high waisted shorts and a crop top every single day in the middle of December
ew look at Emily shes such a pancake
by givemehead5 November 22, 2019
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A slang term for crack cocaine and flapjacks

This term started after the episode of Family Guy when Meg inadvertently tricks a social worker into thinking Stewie is addicted to crack
Some guy: I gotta score some Pancakes man
Another guy: It's a little late for breakfast don't you think?
by Glenjamin87 August 23, 2009
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A car with airbags or hydraulics, which allows the dropping all four corners of the vehicle at once.
Ludacris drove by in his Cutlass and we all yelled "Pancake! Pancake!"
by Chizammmmm February 20, 2008
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A pancake is someone, either guy or girl, that you like or think is wicked fine. It serves as a flirty pet name that works everytime.
Amy:"hey whats up dylan?"
Dylan:"hey pancake"
Steve:"damn, amy is fine"
Dylan:"i know, but she's my pancake"
by steven marcus2 April 21, 2006
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An expression used for a woman who has large breasts.
That girl is a straight up pancake! She's stacked!
by Stads October 10, 2008
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