A street art project in London, installing work from artists and galleries and museums and anything not graffiti
"Have you seen the new Pamphlet on Church street ? The colours are soo cool!"

by museum-boy May 13, 2012
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Person 1: Hey

Person 2: Hey
Person 1: Could you please pass me the pamphlet
Person 2: You mean brochure?
Person 1: No I mean pamphlet
by Haimynamesquan June 29, 2019
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A short book of 350 pages or less. Something that can be read in a single sitting.
Person 1: "Well I finally finished the Sorcerer's Stone!"
Person 2: "Oh really?"
Person 1: "Yeah, why? I enjoyed it."
Person 2: "Its good, but kinda small; its more of a pamphlet than a REAL book."
by suilerua sucram October 22, 2011
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1. Someone who distributes pamphlets that endorse or refute political, religious, social and environmental issues.

2. Someone who's outspoken about political, religious, social or environmental issues, but opinions are based on superficial evidence picked up from conversations and unreliable sources.
Joe's pamphleteering, which included denying global warming and the use of government climate control tactics, was accurately refuted by Pam's reliable sources.
by Ditzlexic January 31, 2016
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A little boy who has floppy lip syndrome and he cant say his his 'l's!!! you ask him wat is rong with him and he say...'i have fwoppy wip spyndwome!! lol :)
e.g a boy with a floppy lip called pamphlet
by honkjn March 31, 2009
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When you spit in her pussy, and proceed to stick a piece of paper inside the vagina and light it on fire
Yesterday I got so turnt that I tried the Russian Pamphlet
by analplug December 4, 2019
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