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1. A town where even the homeless have laptops
2. A tree in said town.
A one room shack in Palo Alto would cost a million dollars.
by fzh October 09, 2004

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A misspelling of Forrest Gump
OMG I sah teh Forest Gump las weeknd!!1
by fzh October 18, 2004

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A pink-haired, red-eyed girl from the Harvest Moon series. She likes flowers. A lot. Also, IMO she is the best girl that you can marry. 'cuz she's sexy.
Popuri is pregnant with my child!
by fzh October 26, 2004

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A weapon from the worms series. You select a target, and a bird flys from your Worm's gun to that point, where it explodes. Prone to sporadic behavior if the path to the target is dificult to navigate, but useful when used properly.
"Even a Homing Pigeon can't miss at this distance!"
by fzh November 04, 2004

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