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Bizarre. Just a very, very bizarre and frightening place. It's the only nation where one can buy both porn and women's underwear from that freaky vending machine a block away from your cramped apartment.

Women should stay FAR away from any crowded place, because it's more that probable that she'll get groped at least six times before she gets back to her hotel room. If she's lucky.
Dude, I just got back from Japan. I'm fucking broke, but I got these DVD's where cartoon 12-year-olds get reamed by giant tentacle monsters. I feel dirty inside.
by Mikal K April 03, 2005

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Imgaine if you locked the creators of Sesame Street in a dark room for about three weeks and gave them nothing but crack and LSD. This is what they'd come up with...the funniest and most fucked up show EVER.
I could only imagine how frightening that show would be while on acid. I'd probably lock myself in a closet for about a week out of sheer terror.
by Mikal K May 07, 2005

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1. Uber rich California town that made it's zillions from the tech boom of the 80's. Went down a bit after the tech market crashed, but the residents are still far from poor.

2. A kickass song by Radiohead, probably about the same town.
1. An outhose in Palo Alto would probably cost more than the house you live in.

2. "In a city of the future, it is difficult to concentrate. Meet the boss, meet the wife. Everybody's happy, everyone is made for life."- Radiohead
by Mikal K March 13, 2005

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(Also called an E-Slut)

A girl with low self-esteem, low intelligence or both who uses Myspace as a medium to post lame pictures or moronic blogs. A fuck that requires little to no effort. And you can break-up with her after she attempts (and hopefully succedes) suicide for the 6th time. Then you can just repeat the process.
So not shaving, getting a haircut and liking wuss music actually is attractive to these people. Killer!
by Mikal K March 05, 2005

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