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A common slang meaning old friends. It originated from the word pals meaning friends. Mostly common among africans and is often used in place of the word pals.
I and Michael are palies.
We met some of our palies at the reunion.
by edumba July 06, 2011
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1)A typo for the word play, for people who type too fast.
2)The Paladin class in the game Diablo 2.
2)my paly would totally assrape yours
by HyperActiveToothpick April 28, 2005
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Short form for Palidin. Used often in Blizzard games. Such as Diablo II

Duel my Paly
by Me So Gosu May 15, 2003
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Korean english for play
paly plz..?!? ok ha.ha!
by Tweak June 03, 2003
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Retarded school where there are hella drug deals going on every second, and people getting pregnant, it is also called the " dark side of palo alto".
Damn your a retard. Did you go to Paly?
by jose de la cuerva May 13, 2008
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The worst school in history, it claims to be better than gunn (look it up fool), even though it sucks. they turn to sports because the boys were all broken in the head when they were children, thus spawning jocks. This is their one source of pride. Otherwise, they are stoned, partying, alchoholic failures who will end up working at mcdonalds 99% of the time. the others will become largely successful because they end up transferring to gunn anyway.
"hey i got to paly"
"wow dude... no. dont even joke..."
"I'm serious"
"wtf... -runs-"
by Paly student August 27, 2008
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