Def. 1: Ear lobe

Def. 2: pulling on dat jiggly wiggly ear lobe
I just earied you! Your eary is so jiggly wiggly! I'm gonna keep earying you 'till you become a meme!
by Moar Krabs December 23, 2017
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When two guys each take their dick and put it in each of one girls ears and then blowing their load causing the semen to meet in the middle or the stronger blast coming out the other
I heard you guys gave emily an earie canal

we sure did i think shes deaf in one ear now
by Captain butter biscuit April 06, 2010
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A little kid who is your annoying son and you try to eat him and he's a dumb 31 year old in the 6th grade.
Earie is a duty hole
by Judyycash May 05, 2018
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When you insert your male reproductive organ into ones ear canal. The pleasure is more guided to fit the female individual. can be associated with homosexual couples.
My girl was screaming after I gave her the ol Earie canal
by Flipperz December 10, 2013
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