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I juss want yall ta know that tha last two definitions are rong them mutha fuckas who wrote them dont know shit.
it can not be said by a white boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a common way of saying a middle eastern person...usually from the taliban." look at the sand nigga."

a middle eastern gangsta or homie who attempts to act black

THOSE TWO ARE SO FUCKIN RONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Bladez December 28, 2005
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Pali is a shortand slang word for Palistinians ex: Pali for life!.Mostly used by Palestinains in the U.S. and in the ghetto same with Sandnigga is like nigga. Pali is said to recodnize Palestinians ta reperesent ex: PALI 4 LIFE!.
Pali for life! Watup nigga Watup bra
by Bladez December 30, 2005
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Arab:Derogitory name for Arabians, Middle Eastern and North African people
Look like:some are dark,or tan,or look black
Dress:sum wear dishdashes there robes usually old or religous Arabs wear this.Most Arabs wear clothes like sean john rocawear ecko things like that.
Act: ghetto, thug,gangster,Arab,religious,nice, known to be very respectful and good to laideies,also known to be good fighters. If an Arabian was called a Sandnigger or nigger or Arab or sumthin like that by a white boy or a racist mo fucka they will nock the fuck outta you sumtimes even kill you.
live: Middle East and North Africa also in the U.S.
90% are poor 10% are rich live in poor areas ghetto areas sum live in middle class areas or rich areas.
Religion: Most Arabs are Maslim(followers of islam)
Language:Basicly: Arabic,english,some spanish.Most arabs that are from the U.S. speak english,arabic,and spanish and if there from the ghetto or live there they would talk slang ghetto kinda way. Arabs that live in the Middle East mostly speek arabic and sum english for example people Kuwait a Middle Eastern country that looks like crime rate is kinda like the ghetto.
other: Arabs are misunderstood somtimes, Were middle eastern brothas down with da homies.(has been said to me)
Arab: Watup nigga
other: Watup bra
Arabs are cool and good people
by Bladez December 30, 2005
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