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A town that's actually like those old greaser movies: it has a right side and wrong side of the tracks. The North side si where all the mexicans and poor white kids live, with a decent mix of middle class kids from the Winston Park area. They all go to Palatine High School. South of the tracks is where all the rich kids live, they've got big houses and daddy-bought-it-for-me Lexus's and Escalades and BMWs. They have thier share of middle class kids as well, and a few poor kids from downtown.
Palatine is notorious for having absolutly NOTHING to do within it's borders. There is one place to shoot pool, but that shit gets expensive fast. Other than hanging ot at the Jewel or 7-11 until you get kicked out, you need to leave Palatine to find a good time.
Alot of the kids are stoners, druggies, or alcoholics. The town's roads are full of ricers, spicmobiles, minivans, and rich fucks. The mayor tried to do some 'remodling' thing to the downtown to try and copy Arlington Heights, but now it just looks like a real ugly fat chick with a few spots of make-up on.
The only interesting things to ever happen here is the massacre in the Brown's Chicken 17 years ago, and we got Smashmouth to play our streetfest once.
The only way to really appreciate it's shittyness is to leave for a while, then come back.
Get out while you still can.
-"Hey, what do you want to do today?"
-"Nothing, i have no money and no gas in my car."
-"Oh. Palatine sucks."
by los loco gringo September 01, 2008
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adj. having to do with poor people, places, or things;

SYN: ghettofabulous
Lock your doors in this town, this place is totally palatine.
by Wully October 12, 2005
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