A game that is completely pwned by airsoft
Steve: You go paintballing this weekend?

Rick: Hell no. Can't get a decent head shot worth shit with paintball. I went airsofting
by DaikonrannoSamurai November 14, 2009
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A game where players run around holding "guns" that look a lot more like garden hose attachments. These "guns" are known for being extremely inaccurate, as opposed to those in airsoft. Players deem themselves "manly" or "cool" by grinning and guffawing at the collection of bruises and other injuries they sustain from the "sport." Most participants play because they enjoy having fluid splashed and squirted all over them. It is mostly played by rich, brainless adolescents who find that the "tactics" they learn have little to no application outside the sport. The most extreme players usually wear matching jumpsuits and what appear to be either Motocross or Master Cheif helmets. Both of which are often referred to as being gay.

It is a requirement for all organized paintballing that all players (or "ballers" as they call themselves, which also has a gay connotation) be of the white breed of human. Participants are routinely checked during a game to make sure they are of white descent. In an attempt to "cover their asses," most "ballers" insist that it can be played by people of all races. Indeed, this is completely untrue.

Paintball players include lacrosse players and most of those snowboarders you see who are really bad.
by Jack Learson October 12, 2006
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airsoft owns paintball in every aspect of the game, accuracy
power(my gun)

paintball sucks for the people who wan tto play tag with paint how reatrded is that....

airsoft is the best sport ever invented, owns all paintball, ive owned paintballers with my airsoft guns.
by brian kim March 02, 2006
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A sport played between teams with the objective of eliminating the opposing players via paint filled capsules, propelled from a marker (read gun) powered by some sort of compressed air. A fun recreational activity known for adrenaline rush, can be categorized into woodsball--large arenas generally located outdoors, with vegetation and wooden objects to use as cover, and speedball--smaller arenas, using inflatable plastic "bunkers" for cover. Played by members of all race and class --despite what you may hear. While the occasional want-to-be-GI and annoying adolescent are not unknown, the vast majority of the paintball community recognizes it as pure recreational thrill. The only injuries sustained in paintball are due to carelessness(removal of protective equipment/tripping over your own feet). A majority of players are teen-young adult and white. Just like most every other sport.
Wanna play some paintball Sunday?

Shure, I'll meet you at the feild.
by Jp77 May 18, 2009
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gay sport when you hide behind blimp looking balloons and try not to get hit. also it is not realistic at all.
hey man, you going paint ball? na that shit is gay.

paintball is for fagots.
by asalakalaikum April 04, 2008
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any sexual interaction that involves massive amounts of visible hickeys, as if the 2 (or more) had played paintball and were sporting the welts.
they disappeared into the bathroom for about a half hour and when they came out and everyone saw their necks we knew they played some paintball
by sir eatsalot May 24, 2010
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A dumb fucking "sport" played with "guns" that in reality are a gadget that shoots "paintballs", the eponyms of note.

This game takes on an eerie and all together too close for this author's comfort resemblance to small unit tactics that this author practised when this author was in his country's armed forces...

The players of this "game" are usually wealthy overgrown adolescents that have yet to grow up; Also, one finds the washouts and unsuitables that can't make it into their own country's armed forces...

The ones that think that this is a great game should try carrying a Rifle, a Full and HEAVY Rucksack, Tactical load bearing webbing, and a STEEL HELMET THAT WEIGHS MORE FOR EVERY SECOND YOU WEAR THE FUCKING THING!!!

The Rich and Powerful like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Princes should do this themselves, and get their family members in on the fun. It won't go on for long...
Paintball! What a ridiculous excuse for reality!!!
by J. Michael Reiter November 07, 2004
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