A band from New York featuring

Michael Pitt - Guitar/Vocals
Luca Amendolara - Bass
Ryan Donowho - Drums

Sounds a bit like Nirvana, but has its own unique sound. Their best known song is Death to Birth, which is featured in the movie Last Days.
Pagoda is releasing their debut album, House Of Worship, this July.
by grunge_is_dead April 20, 2006
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Pagoda is not a made up word! There are two definitions for this word..

The first being:

A temple in the form of a pyramidal tower of several stories, usually an odd number, commonly built as a work of devotion. Mostly found in India and the Far East.

The second being:

The great band Pagoda, who are very, very talented, and need more recognition. Compared to Nirvana, but they have their own unique, separate sound. Some of my favorites from them are, Death to Birth, Fetus, Happy Song and Sadartha.

Band members include:

Michael Pitt - vocals/guitar

Luca Amendolara - bass

Ryan Donowho - Drums
Example 1: Lets build a pagoda so we can go worship!

Example 2: Lets go listen to Pagoda, their music is thee best!!!!!!
by whoaa. August 13, 2009
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A slang term used to belittle a person; often used in peer pressure situations.
John: "Shots of whiskey all around"

Tom: "I can't drink tonight, I have a test in the morning."

John: "Don't be such a Pagoda, you can have one drink"
by Ludicrous January 08, 2010
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an adjective for a brunette who frequently has blonde moments. see taryn and lb
add "o's" to the middle depending on how much of a pagoda the person is!
Girl 1:omg did you hear what taryn and lb said today at lunch.. i mean their hair is brown but wow such pagodas.
Girl 2:yeh wow they are more than just pagodas they are pagoooodas.
by taryn! April 04, 2005
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Some made up word i tricked some one named kenny into believing was an actually word so i could win !!!
Bri: Do u know what the word Pagoda means?
Kenny: No
Bri: you suck, I win!!
by Bri March 14, 2005
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When one takes their erect penis, and forcefully bruises their partner with it three times in a straight line, leaving a series of three mushroom stamps that resembles a pagoda.
Kevin fell asleep before I came, so I gave that drunk passed out bitch a pagoda stamp!
by Jpruss October 14, 2013
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Where Yoda would meditate if he were a Buddhist monk.
Let’s get over to the Yoda pagoda to get into a better state of mind!
by Dr Bunnygirl May 25, 2021
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