Padre is father in Spanish. But it means much more than just that. A Padre or father is a caring person that will always be by your side. This Padre is handsome and the best person to be near. People care for him and he tells jokes but not all of them are funny.
My Padre is the BEST!!
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by BenMess1412 April 03, 2018
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Mexican slang for 'cool'. Anything can be padre; t-shirts, cars, actors, food, Antonio Banderas...

'Padre' is often used in common phrases such as "Que padre!" ("How cool!") or 'mas padre' ('very cool').

In Spanish, 'padre' literally translates to 'father' or 'parent'. And yes, 'su padre puede ser padre'.

Nobody seems to know why this is the word for cool.
Ay, chico, your car is really padre!
by CanisMinor July 31, 2014
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