Receiving a rim job while watching the movie Pacific Rim.
"Dude, I went to see the movie Pacific Rim with my girlfriend and she gave me a Pacific Rim Job."
by Kaiju in the face May 23, 2014
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Recieving a rim job from someone whose native land lay on the Pacific Rim.
"Dude, this Filipino chick totally rimmed me the other night"
"The ol' Pacific Rim Job, eh? Bitchin'!"
by El_Doctor April 6, 2005
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The act of giving a rim job while the recipient's anus is erupting with explosive diarrhea.
That girl was so dirty that she didn't even brush her teeth after giving me a pacific rim job.
by franklin8 October 22, 2009
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1. When a person licks wasabi from the anus of another person as soy sauce is funneled down the ass-crack, thereby dribbling into the lickers mouth, combining for a Japanese sushi-like experience (with ass). A further option is to place a piece of salmon (or other fish, depending on possible allergies and/or taste) on the surface of said anus for consumption by the licker to accompany the soy sauce and wasabi. The entire act is a play on the traditional "rim job" whereby a person's asshole is licked and tongued for the purpose of sexual gratification. This act, along with the geographical nomenclature for countries bordering the Pacific Ocean (The Pacific Rim, i.e.: Japan), combine to give us this most vile act.

A kind and courteous partner will provide shredded, candied ginger root at the close of the Pacific Rim Job


Wasabi may cause intense burning discomfort to the asshole
Man...I finally got Sally in the sack, and she's a freak! She asked me to give her a Pacific Rim Job...!
by Frosty McNuts November 12, 2017
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When you add a little salt around the rim before giving/receiving a rim job, akin to a margarita glass.
Dan was a little dehydrated after giving Matt a Pacific Rim Job, so Matt offered him a glass of Powerade to quench his thirst.
by Gptwebb June 19, 2013
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fully submerging your ass under the water in the Pacific Ocean and you have someone come up from under the water and have them eat your ass out.
Viv almost drown while she was giving Wes a Pacific Rim Job.
by MrBojangles November 16, 2007
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Giving a rim job through a canned pinapple ring.
We had some pinapple rings leftover from the Easter ham so I gave my hot cousin a Pacific Rim Job
by Mary Hasek March 26, 2017
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