A silly, funny, pretty, unique girl with a nice heart. Also a good nickname for vivienne.
"She is so funny! She must be a Viv!"
by Coolcat360 May 28, 2013
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The one person who is everyone's mutual best friend for life. She's the thing that ties us together but we never realized we all know the same Viv.
The one friend in a group who is everyone's mutual best friend and will often be the life blood of a group of random people who don't realize they know the same person.
Everyone has a Viv. She's the Viv of our group. The linchpin.
by @JESTERWUZHERE March 27, 2022
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Viv is a beautiful woman you can get away with most things. She is a compulsive liar and is proud of it. Viv has big boobs and can get the job done (wink). She can do anything she sets her mind out to do, but usually just wants to smoke weed.
Person 1: hey is that Viv right there.

Person 2: ya that is! She's #smoking #weed again.
Person 1: ya but she looks #beautiful doing it
by who.am.i.really May 10, 2018
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to vivs someone is to take something and not regret it in the slightest

it is a character trait most notable amongst the ginger community.

a vivs would take your pie and eat it in front of you.
hey mehaka, that fuckin vivs just stole my double happy.....bo
by Mike "Melvin" Syddall May 4, 2008
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very important vagina; see vip
i stuck a stickynote on my pants that pointed upward and said "VIV"
by Krazy_kat April 28, 2005
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i have a viv
by Aoife Mary November 18, 2011
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someone who is always deep in their thoughts. viv’s can be very shy people and only talk to those she really knows.

vivs are typically very insecure about themselves but never choose to express their true feelings. they feel as if they’re better off being the only ones to know about their emotions.

viv’s are very inspiring and very good friends once you get to know them.
“she looks shy.”
must be a viv.”
by urban.dictionary.person. October 24, 2020
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