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A tradition in Irish funerals, it's the name given to the enormous partying and alcohol consumption that takes place after an Irish funeral, as the Irish believe that the dead would not want to look down on their family to see them mourning and crying, but rather partying and remembering the good times of those passed.
After the funeral for my grandma, we all partied Finnigan's wake style to remember the good times.
by MrBojangles November 30, 2007

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When someone eats spaghetti and sharts it out because a machine almost crashes.
Andre is workin with some mean spaghetti butt
by MrBoJangles December 11, 2013

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fully submerging your ass under the water in the Pacific Ocean and you have someone come up from under the water and have them eat your ass out.
Viv almost drown while she was giving Wes a Pacific Rim Job.
by MrBojangles November 16, 2007

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