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Recieving a rim job from someone whose native land lay on the Pacific Rim.
"Dude, this Filipino chick totally rimmed me the other night"
"The ol' Pacific Rim Job, eh? Bitchin'!"
by El_Doctor April 6, 2005
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Fotochop is slang terminology referring to the image editing program Adobe Photoshop. One cannot be sure as to where this term originated, as it has been said to have been coined by many different 'chopper. However, since it is a simple misspelling and slight reference to Engrish, the slang terminology is meant for the web.
"That picture is obviously Fotochopped."

"What're you talking about? That's obviously Cameron Diaz, since she would only show her tits to some backwoods internet porn site."
by El_Doctor June 19, 2005
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