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An institution of Europe's nightlife and dance scene, originally located in the mediterranean Spanish island of IBIZA. It's franchised the World over and it's name is synonym of great music, fashion and debauchery.
"Hey PACO got them beans handy?....It's mandatory we hit PACHA'S afterhours this weekend!"
by Ctrl303 March 15, 2005
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1. name of two major clubs: Pacha New York, and Pacha Ibiza

2. word used to describe something related or having to do with crazy nightlife music or atmosphere
1. Pacha owns two clubs; one in New York City and Ibiza, Spain.

2. This club is like some Pacha shit right here.
by DJ_Ian October 15, 2009
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The buttocks, butt, ass. Often used in the case of cute butts.
Bengali slang, not so vulgar.
ke sundor pacha..! means: goshhh!!! cute butts(compliment).
nongra pacha, palaa. means: dirty butt, fuck off!
tor pacha marte dibi?? means: will ya let me fuk n ya ass?
by poopnyohat October 05, 2005
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The bulgarian word for "whore" ,is a mispronunciation of "pachavra" ,which means "slut" , "trollop" , "slattern" & etc. .You can often see creatures like this in the chalga industry and its audience.
I'm not goin' to give you money,u low-intelligent pacha.
by 40wek April 20, 2008
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The Levent (Arabic) version of chitlins. Usually made with beef instead of pork, but can be used with either and is stuffed with rice a meat of choice. Usually prepared for the Holidays.
Yo, I had some awesome pacha last Christmas.
by wakowarna December 24, 2010
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