The new rage of truck accessories, originally bulls balls and now bigboys that look like human scrotum that is hung on the back of a truck. Usually to let people know the truck is masculine. Different colors add additional meanings.
"man, look at dem brass truck balls, don't mess with him."
by jrBman August 26, 2006
The components of the second COVID vaccine, in addition to the mRNA spike protein fragment.
So, did the COVID vaccine hurt?
Well, the first one made my arm a bit sore; the second one was very different--I think they made it out of dump trucks, bowling balls and flop-sweat.
by YAWA January 23, 2021
Mike - “hey daz check her out!”
Daz - “Blimey! I’d love to Ball truck her!”
Mike - “yes mate! I love abit of ball trucking me!”
by Master Moonstone October 17, 2018