The reality of Union College is a mix of the above stories. Lots of rich folks but some middle class. Crazy partying, lots of drinking, coke is not in short supply but not everyone does it. It's a 4 night a week party, Monday booze where you live, Wednesday bars & small parties, Weekends Frats, house parties, bars everything. Mad fratty but frats def aren't the only game in town.
Lots of nerdy people but certainly the coolest, bacchanalian nerds to walk the earth.

The campus is gorgeous especially in Autumn and Spring and tho the snow is pretty too but gets old real fast.
Schenectady is a dump but a dump with character.
Certainly live for brunch @ West
No shortage of preppyness but a variety of styles are on showcase - Impeccable Style
The Place Exudes Class & Tradition
For those who have a problem with Union, Union doesn't care so keep it yourself
Work hard and play harder is the Union Motto
Union College, party
by BubbleGumGangster August 28, 2010
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Union is an amazing school- academically, athletically, and socially!

Our engineering program is top notch- everyone is incredibly intelligent and works hard. We also have fantastic psychology and political science departments (although all departments are pretty strong). Most students complete a thesis and many are published before graduation- which is a huge deal for undergrads.

Union was a party school in the early 2000s when drugs and frats reigned supreme- but things are changing. We still have a very active Greek life- and everyone loves a great party- but the stereotypes of blondes with pearls and douche's with bmw's don't apply anymore. Yes, we are ranked the #5 party school in the nation, but that doesn't do us justice. We do so much more than have a good time on the weekends. We were also ranked the #11 most beautiful school- the campus is gorgeous and the men and women aren't shabby either. We may be hot, but we're not shallow. We all hit the gym (or at least look like we do) but we also occasionally wear sweatpants to class.

Our Hockey Team is D1 and absolutely fantastic! Last year we were ranked #4 in the nation. We consistently beat out Harvard, Yale, Brown, and Dartmouth and going to a home game is one of the best experiences. Our D3 teams are also fantastic.

We may be smart, have money, and win championships but we don't need to try too hard because we know who we are. We're Union. We're the best.
High school senior: I read on urban dictionary that Union College is just a fratty party school for rich white kids.

UNION STUDENT: It isn't 2006 anymore. Union is great, yes we know how to party (but what college kid doesn't?) but we're also smart, talented, and athletic!

High school senior: Oh, maybe I should check it out then.

UNION STUDENT: Absolutely!
by The New Union Girl August 10, 2012
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First of all, the things listed above are old school. You want the real deal, check this out. Union is in Schenectady: heart of NY. We're not from the City, and we're not on the Canadian border, we're basically perfectly located. The campus is gorgeous in all seasons, small and walkable, and the buildings are beautiful.
The people here are kick-ass: brains, beauty and brawn. Not everyone is preppy, not everyone is rich. The kids are varied and down to earth, accessible and personable. It's easy to meet people from various backgrounds and we're not just a bunch of clones. Yeah, we've got some Coach and Armani, but no one's scared to rock some Target fashions. Also, we're not defined by our Greek life. The sorority girls aren't a bunch of blonde coke-heads, and our frat brothers are not roofying maniacs.
This IS the real Union College.
Mechanical engineering, Minnesota, Delta Delta Delta sister
East Asian Studies, Voorheesville, NY, Ballroom Dancer
Environmental Studies, Texas, Alpha Epsilon Pi brother
English and Art, Maine, Minerva House Council
Spanish and Economics, Schenectady, Volleyball

All here at Union College...
by Union March 27, 2008
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Union is a school for the elite who like to get trashed. Just because we're not an Ivy, dont think for a second that were not smarter than you... because we are. We also party harder than you. We kill kegs in frats, get blacked out in bars, and destroy dorm buildings. Greek life rules the school. We go to frats on weekends and bars on Wednesdays. We're the #13 party school in the nation and proud of it. We drive foreign whips (and im not talkin about toyotas) and blow a ton of money on drugs and alcohol every week. We maintain 90% of Schenectady's economy, concider it charity work - your welcome. We go to class just to kill time, and we know deep down everyone wishes they were more like us
Union College is so fratty, and they got so much steez!
by BtrThnU_13 December 18, 2009
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A beautiful campus, but it's everybody's second choice. Maybe it's not a "new ivy" but it sure as hell is a hidden gem. People here love to party and dance. Security is lax, and waves as people walk by holding alcohol. We are preppy and everybody has something designer. From shoes to purses, to sunglasses: armani and coach aren't in short supply. The guys here are crazy and pretty sketchy, almost every frat is known for roofying girls. The sororities are full of cocaine and all the girls are blonde and beautiful. We are the real thing, we are better than orange county because everyone is old money here. Fuck your beaches and surfing, we've got Galas and heritage. We hate the town we live in because it's trashy and used to be amazing before everything fell to hell. This school has been here forever and it's not going anywhere, so get used to it.
You're wearing sweatpants and you're at Union College? (What a trashy whore)
by Uniongirl September 17, 2006
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The 30th choice school for the bottom of the high school class. If you repeated two years in private school and still ranked in the bottom of your senior class, this is the place for you. An acceptance rate of over 60% (100% if you are full pay), and a yield of less than 10%, EVERYBODY GETS IN because nobody wants to come here. Absolute backwater. Everybody drinks heavily because they can't believe they wasted high school on drugs, alcohol, and Facebook so they ended up here as the last gasp blowhole that would accept them. About as epic a fail as it gets after high school. Nearly useless degree - Hoping for supermarket meat departments as reach jobs upon graduation. Oh, yeah, lovely location to go to school...NOT!!!
Union College senior No. 1: I'm going to work at Walmart as a sales associate when I graduate, baby! Yeah, buukuu bucks!!
Union College senior No. 2: Way to Union College that job, bro! I could only get a job at Walgreens.
Union College senior No. 3: I got you both beat...I Union Colleged a job at Dunkin' Donuts makin' lattes!!
by face2016 March 28, 2016
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we are rich. we are preppy. we are better than you. we pop our collars. we wear uggs, loafers, and pointy shoes. burberry scarves and designer bags are a must. if you don't have a north face fleece and a nalgene, go home. butt pants are so hot. we have a lot of money and we spend it on alcohol and coke (and we don't mean the soda). weekends are for gettin drunk, going to frats and bars, hookin up with random hotties and sleeping it off. brunch at west is what we live for, but we certainly don't go until 12. we are white and we hate 'doids. we live for our cell phones and for aim. don't talk to us if you are not one of us.
by U are Union January 16, 2005
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