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Pre Race Dump

A warm-up type activity undertaken by Orienteers, usually before racing or training.
Timtom, lets go for a PRD

You go to the start, I need to PRD this shit.
by Grahammm September 15, 2009
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Short for "Pre-Rolled Doobie" or Pre-rolled Doobage" ie; a joint already rolled
I have a PRD want to get stupid
by xxjjpxx September 15, 2003
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Abbreviation for Park Road Derry. A young team/organised crime syndicate who run Park Road in Brechin, but live in Edinburgh. Known to have brutal gang fights with the fearsom Morningside Ravers.
Morningside Ravers: Deary me, I do hope we don’t have to have a scuffle with the PRD today, I just got my waistcoat ironed!
by The Babber October 07, 2019
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acronym for "Post Relationship Disbelief," when one reflects upon past relationships and cannot believe that:
1) they lasted for as long as they did,
2) that they ever began at all, or
3) any variation upon this theme.
Girl: "Wow, do you remember when I dated that pompous asshole? Oh, and that other pompous druggie? And that guy who did nothing but lie to me?"
Friend: "I take it you're having some serious PRD."
by Tory C. August 26, 2007
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I’m heading to PRD for some food and a couple of bevs

Come and PRD (PaRDy) like ya parents did!
by urdaman September 23, 2019
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post Regeneration Depression. The feeling that comes across all Whovians when the Doctor regenerates into someone new.
Noooo don't leave us Tennant! I feel the P.R.D coming on.
by Jay C Kush December 11, 2013
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