Post Party Depression, the low you feel after a good party, get together, or weekend with friends or family. When you go from having fun and all your friends to home alone or basically alone and you just feel bummed out and you come down emotionally from a great time. First Started by Jeff M in NY.
"Man that was a great weekend at Darien Lake, partying, rides and great family!"

"Yeah but now that we're home and everyone is back to there individual lives again I'm feeling some PPD hard."
by SD6515 August 10, 2009
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PPD = Post Potter Depression

The anxiety ridden period that Harry Potter fans will go through after the final movie is over. It is a mixture of happiness to have finally seen the movie and sadness that it is over and it's THE END. The length of the PPD is determined by how much of an uber fan each person is.

Symptoms may include: collecting any and all Harry Potter paraphernalia available, sleeping on Harry Potter sheets, re-reading Harry Potter books, watching over all previous Harry Potter movies, wearing clothing that make reference to Harry Potter in some way etc.
Friend 1: So we're going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this weekend right?

Friend 2: Absolutely! I can't wait.

Friend 1: Is your sister coming with us and I know she's a hardcore Harry fan?

Friend 2: Nope, she went last weekend and now she's in a serious PPD. She just sits in her room reading over all of the books.
by Ellarina December 29, 2011
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n. acronym for Profile Picture Disorder: when a Facebooker or MySpacer has an hourly or daily urge to change his/her profile picture.
"Dude, what's with Jenna and her changing her profile picture all the fucking time?"

"I don't know, dude. She probably has PPD."
by JenDee August 19, 2009
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Post Play Depression - When one is finished the run of a show, usually for school, they go through a period of extreme boredom and lethargy. "This is Post Play Depression. They may recite their lines from said show over and over until friends and family are so sick of it that they are thrown out of the house, randomly start doing the choreography or burst out into a song from the show at the mention of a word that plays into the song. Usually passes within 6-8 weeks or within close range of the next play, whichever comes first.
Rodney : Hey, are you gonna pay the bills this week or do you want me to?

Anthony : ::Sings:: We're not gonna pay last years rent, this years rent, next years RENT!!!

Rodney: Oh ok... I get it. You've got PPD
by Nanette Himmelfarb August 30, 2008
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I never said this before, but i just found out i have ppd its hard for me to swallow..
by 0006785 August 20, 2018
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The Saint Joe's girls have all their PPDs on their lists.
by arcssisawesome April 22, 2011
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Post Peen Drip. The horseness of the throat the morning after experiencing male ejactulatory fluids within the esophagus post a successful act of fellatio.
On the phone with girlfran: “oh my god Meredith I cannot, I sound like a fucking homeless chain smoker…. I have serious PPD right now after spending the night at my boyfriends parents house, we had to be quiet and he wouldn’t drill me so I guzzled that piece”
by Sheanado November 6, 2022
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