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An ardent music enthusiast; one who loves music, has a large CD (and possibly vinyl LP) collection, and attends live performances at every opportunity, often on very short notice. Willing to travel great distances to catch a show, and frequently will attend the same concert on consecutive nights. The uber fan is not tied to any one genre (ie: rock and roll, country, rap etc.) or artist (ie: Train, Elton John, Lil Wayne) but rather prefers to enjoy a wide variety of music, all of which can be found on an ipod that is never far from reach. One cannot, however, be an "uber fan" of opera, or classical music. The uber fan does not perform sexual favors, (see groupie), but instead believes it is the artists and performers themselves who are fortunate to have such loyal followers. The uber fan mantra: "shut up and sing".
Usage example: Christy is an uber fan of Train and has attended many of their live shows.

Wrong example: Pavarotti has many uber fans.
by musicjunkie2 November 10, 2010
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