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Post Party Depression, the low you feel after a good party, get together, or weekend with friends or family. When you go from having fun and all your friends to home alone or basically alone and you just feel bummed out and you come down emotionally from a great time. First Started by Jeff M in NY.
"Man that was a great weekend at Darien Lake, partying, rides and great family!"

"Yeah but now that we're home and everyone is back to there individual lives again I'm feeling some PPD hard."
by SD6515 August 10, 2009

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In Madden a play that is basically impossible to defend and virtually nothing you do can change it, even if you know for sure the play is coming.
"Man it's 4 and 13 time to pull out the money play.....TOUCHDOWN!"
by SD6515 September 26, 2008

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