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PPD = Post Potter Depression

The anxiety ridden period that Harry Potter fans will go through after the final movie is over. It is a mixture of happiness to have finally seen the movie and sadness that it is over and it's THE END. The length of the PPD is determined by how much of an uber fan each person is.

Symptoms may include: collecting any and all Harry Potter paraphernalia available, sleeping on Harry Potter sheets, re-reading Harry Potter books, watching over all previous Harry Potter movies, wearing clothing that make reference to Harry Potter in some way etc.
Friend 1: So we're going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this weekend right?

Friend 2: Absolutely! I can't wait.

Friend 1: Is your sister coming with us and I know she's a hardcore Harry fan?

Friend 2: Nope, she went last weekend and now she's in a serious PPD. She just sits in her room reading over all of the books.
by Ellarina December 28, 2010

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The compulsive need for guys and girls to write all over their girlfriends/boyfriends' Facebook walls, as if they don't realize that everybody else will have to see it and honestly most people don't care!

Wall writing my include, but is not limited to:
I love you :)
Babe, I miss you soooooo much!
When next am I seeing you?
I'm so sad cuz you're not here :(
etc. etc. etc.
Friend 1: Did you see that Jenny and Tom are "in a relationship" on Facebook?

Friend 2: How could I not notice. They've been together for 2 seconds and the Facebook PDA is all over my News Feed.
by Ellarina January 02, 2011

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A guy with cuteness of EPIC proportions.

You know how sometimes you'll see a guy and he won't be like off the bat sexy but he's seriously cute and every time you see him you just can't help but to smile, yup :) Two delicious things rolled into one: cookies and cake, yum!
Friend 1: wow so who's the new guy?
Friend 2: idk, but total cookiecake.
by Ellarina August 30, 2010

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