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Barnegat is a small, but ever-growing town, in New Jersey. If you've actually heard of us, it's because you've actually been here or heard about our lighthouse. The school system sucks. It's composed of a fucked up administration who treats - even the highschoolers - like 2-year-olds. Hell, if you're not careful you'll get a poolstick shoved up your ass. Chances are someone on your block owns a boat, and displays it proudly in their front yard or in the street. They keep cutting down our fucking woods, so pretty soon we'll have nothing here to do ... oh wait, we already have NOTHING to do. We also have more mosquitos and annoying bugs here than any where else on the fucking planet.

Major Attractions Include:

Pissing on Middle School or High School
Overpolluted woods
Wandering aimlessly
Smoking in front of the Hobby Shop
Oh, and we have a small ass bay with a dock nearby, which sucks.
Person One: What do you wanna do?
Person Two: I don't know...
Person One: There's never anything to fucking do!
Person Two: Welcome to fucking Barnegat!
by AndrewM16921 May 23, 2007
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If you live in Barnegat and have lived here all your life, then you know its all about beer, woods, trucks and the docks for boat races. And of course there are two wawas about five minutes apart from each other! You judge people by the elementry and high school they went too, if you tell people you went to southern they consider you dumb but if you ask around and find people who went to pinelands then you now sound like the smartest person in the world! You've heard stories of Taylor Ln about how the jersey devil grew up there and you probably went down that road to see what you could find. You remember D.E Jones and all the other stores that tried to make it in the Gunning River Mall. You also know you can do 30 in the developments but anymore and our nasty cops will get you since they have nothing better to do with their lives. Rt.9, Gunning River rd, or "the new road" can get you to your house no matter what! You also know where the witch house was or some people called it the KKK house, and more than likely you partied there before they knocked it down! You know most houses in downtown barnegat are haunted, especially the Cox house.
"wanna go hang out at the docks?"
"Nah the Barnegat cops always bother you there!"
by likwidsndsj July 29, 2007
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Barnegat a small town located in Ocean County NJ where everyone is so bored.

Fun things to do in Barnegat are

Over eating because food is the only thing thats giving you entertainment

Get a $1 Coffee at the two Wawa's that are right next to each other

Smoke weed and Drink hard liquor (Ages 13+)

Curse your family to death for bringing you to this hell hole


and last but certainly not least

Suicide !!!
Person A: Oh boy living in barnegat is a blast!
Person B:Get outta here with that gay shit nigga
by Barnegat Kid May 07, 2018
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A town where most kids start drinking and smoking at the age of 10-11. the "cool" thing to do is come home from school rush out to the skatepark thats right smack in the middle of the town, on friday & saturday night you can find our whole high school at half off applebees. all of us have known each other since the age of 5 when we started elementary school. most girls are sluts and will give it up to pretty much anyone that wants it. the guys all they want are the trashy girls. our school system is supid and they give us school when all the other schools in our county dont. the only thing to do in this town is drink, most parents supply their kids with pot and beer every single weekend. this town is quite small but big, everything gets around in the matter of hours and everyone knows everyone elses life storys. two wawa less then five mins apart. there is nothing to do in this town, pretty much if you dont drive; you dont have a life.
Jon: want to go do something?

Paige: wtf is there to do in barnegat
by TLPM January 25, 2010
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