1. The company offers its product warranty at the point of sale.

2. The prostitute frequently offered her 'swallow' upgrade at the point of sale,as her customers were always particularly anxious at this time.
by Rad Ron November 06, 2003
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bitch#1 - my swab came back pos.

bitch#2- you pos?
by Kate Rose December 27, 2006
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aim slang for Parent over Shoulder
aim conversation:

weedhead96: oh hey whats we gnna go smke tht joint tonight
mothers_little_angle: wait u mean go start a forest fire?
p o s/ p o s/ p o s
weedhead96: oh yea thts what i ment my finger slipid on the keybored
by imAnubis December 25, 2007
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Acronym for the band "Pain of Salvation". Usually used in a sentence to compare the overall greatness of the band over any other band out there. The band is characterized in having more well thought lyrics, concepts, music, albums, than the crap (only by comparison) you listen to.
PoS totally rapes Sonata Arctica in all aspects.
by BlindPanzer January 13, 2007
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When used on Instant Messaging, It stands for Parent Over Shoulder. Code white is a synonym.
"man, that guy is such a son of a--"
"Dude P O S!"
"ok. shutting up."
by PJPuffinFresh January 02, 2008
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Annoying person who builds teepees and plays with a boomerang, he also has a smelly hat.
Listen here you little turd pos if you do that one more time im gonna break your arm off!
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