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POPP is a term used to described children who are stupid due to the poor parenting skills their parents had.

It is an acronym for Product of Poor Parenting.

It can be used to describe children who are loud, rude, inapropriate, stinky, horny, and unmotivated.

A child can be characterized as any one of those, but it is not his/her fault, it is the fault of the parents. The child is intrinsicly well off, regardless of how much the parents screwed 'em up.
Camp Counselor: Johnny has been giving us a lot of attitude today. He is a bad seed, I think we should drown him in the lake.

Camp Director: No, no, no. Johnny is a POPP. It's his parents fault that he behaves so poorly.
by g-diggity May 29, 2006
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the last name of the coolest person on Earth. i.e. Jesse Popp
Jesse POPP is the coolest person on earth
by JBAMFP August 21, 2008
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An acronym for "Protect our Participation Points", an organization of people legitimately sharing information in order to protect their participation points from unfair homework assignments that would cause them to lose class participation points otherwise. They can usually be found in higher-level classes.
POPPs tonight? Man, thank goodness for POPPs!
by YayINg March 02, 2009
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