Slang term for somebody with a genetic predisposition for bad behavior (and is potentially a bad influence on others).

The title of a 1954 novel by William March and of a 1955 play based on the book (and a 1956 film based on the play) about eight-year-old Rhoda Penmark, a girl who seems to have been born evil. Despite coming from a loving home, she is a sociopath who is willing to kill to get what she wants.
Rhoda Penmark, the original "bad seed", is a precocious con artist who uses her cute, innocent facade to manipulate adults to get what she wants. Her tricks don't work on other children, who can sense who she really is and avoid her.

It is implied heavily that Rhoda's behavior is genetic; her maternal grandmother was a serial killer who was executed for numerous poisonings. Rhoda's mother, who was adopted at a young age, has always sensed something wrong with her daughter and is suspicious when Rhoda is strangely nonchalant about her classmate's sudden, mysterious death.
by Lorelili July 12, 2011
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Someone who performs Bad Seedish Stunts such as
driving without a liscence
walking in the dark
throwing wild parties
wearing marijuana boxers
Yo, that gangsta is such a bad seed have you seen his new pot boxers?

I'm a bad seed, i threw a wild party last night!
by ilovedannynoriega<3[kate] March 17, 2008
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Term used to describe someone who sucks at life as much, if not more than thier parents.
James' insane, Chris is a bitch....their folks must got some bad seed.

Dude, his mom ate road killed dog, no wonder he's a fucktard. He's some bad seed.

Mat Scaletta
by Super_Pope April 1, 2005
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having a wank, every bloke knows that if u don't blow ya load at least once a week your spunk goes bad inside your balls, leading to rashes, insomnia, shivers, madness & death!! So by getting out the 'bad seed' you are promoting healthy living.
I couldn't bloody sleep so i had a wank & by getting out the bad seed i was able to snooze soundly.
by Grey69 July 5, 2007
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