Around a woman's period - for some its before, some its after, and some its during, they start to go through mood swings and become very emotional. Yes, theyll bitch and blow up at the smallest things out of nowhere and then go back to feeling normal. But also the littlest things can make them cry at times.
"I was PMSing so badly today that when i drove by the cemetery, even though i dont know anybody that has died or is dying, i started crying.
by deja m June 09, 2006
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Usually before a woman begins her period, sometimes during and after though. She will usually be very emotional and will get angry or mood swingy at the littlest things.
"here is your coffee dear," "how many creamers did you put in it honey?" "I put two, just how you like it" "I LIKE THREE NOT TWO! YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT BY NOW! *starts to tear* YOU DON'T LOVE ME DO YOU!"
*1 week later* "sorry i kicked you out honey, i was PMSing"
by July 09, 2006
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You NEVER want to be around a girl when she does this, or ask her out around this special time. If you do, she will fucking bitch you out, cuss you out, possibly slap, hit, bite, scratch, you get what I mean. Then the worst thing is the next time you talk to her she acts like she doesn't remeber a fuckin' thing!
PMSing? Me? When!?! Never! Oh by the way sorry I slapped you, scratched your nutsac, ripped off your left nut, shoved my foot up your ass hole, shoved a hot iron down your throat, blew off your hand with a shotgun, twisted your nose with pliers and knocked you unconcious with my dad's PC. I was PMS - I mean, I was grumpy that day.
by butt licka January 07, 2004
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What guys blame every time a girl gets mad at them, even though, most of the time, we have a valid reason for being mad and it's NOT that time of the month.
Barbie: Ken!! Go fuck yourself! I hate you!!

Ken: Barbie, stop PMSing.


Ken: Oh.
by dr.seuss-onym July 05, 2009
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Sometimes women turn into some type of mythical beast.
It's best to avoid them during this transformation..
Don't ever tell a girl she's PMSing though, it's never polite. =)
Just let the mythical beast be, and within a few days you'll get your girl back. ;)
Person 1: My wife is turning into a mythical beast!
Person 2: She's PMSing, my friend.
Person 1: Here she comes!
Mythical beast: What are you doing on UrbanDictionary.Com?!?! Don't you love ME?! Get over here, NOW!
Person 1: I got to go. =(
by Just another _Instert Name_ November 24, 2009
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The time of the month when women get there period or are around it and act phycotic. They are more sensitve and more emotional then ever and will cry and lash out over the smallest things. Beware...
In the middle of class a guy looks at his girlfriend and find her staring at him smiling and asks "What?." Girl starts to ball her eyes out, stands up, and yells "I WAS FUCKING LOOKING AT YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" then runs out of the classroom covering her eyes. Everyone stares at her boyfriend while he covers his face in embarrassment thinking she must be pmsing again . . . son of a bitch.
by BeenieBaby July 14, 2010
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