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Well, its when you have to fart, but after you fart you farted a little to hard (one should be especially cautious if they have not taken a shit in the last 10 hours) so a small piece of shit comes out. It may stick to your underpants or stay lodged inside your butthole.
by butt licka January 24, 2004
You NEVER want to be around a girl when she does this, or ask her out around this special time. If you do, she will fucking bitch you out, cuss you out, possibly slap, hit, bite, scratch, you get what I mean. Then the worst thing is the next time you talk to her she acts like she doesn't remeber a fuckin' thing!
PMSing? Me? When!?! Never! Oh by the way sorry I slapped you, scratched your nutsac, ripped off your left nut, shoved my foot up your ass hole, shoved a hot iron down your throat, blew off your hand with a shotgun, twisted your nose with pliers and knocked you unconcious with my dad's PC. I was PMS - I mean, I was grumpy that day.
by butt licka January 8, 2004
Three weenies in one hole.
Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words.....
by butt licka March 20, 2005
Caliber, mm: 7.62x39
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
Length, mm: overall: 943; w/folded butt 700;
Barrel Length, mm: 415
Sighting range,m: 1000
Machine gun weight, g: 3,400
Magazine capacity, rds: 30
Rate of fire, rds/min: 600

Back to the future... Comeback of the 7.62mm cartridges is inspired by some weak points of low-impulse 5.45/5.56mm loads. More powerful than its predescent AK-74, this rifle employs many of today's new technologies. Long live AK-47 :-)
The AK-103 is replacing the AK-74.
by butt licka November 24, 2003
When you fuck a girl up the ass and then she takes a shit all over your dick. If you ejaculate it turns into an snowy avalanche
Hm, tyler give goods mudslides
by butt licka May 8, 2004
Sex is fluid exchange. Not poking your weenie in some chick's ass.
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For example, booty becomes booty
by butt licka March 20, 2005