Yo pmo to that new girl at school, she a baddie.
by Xxtiti_ramirezxX July 27, 2016
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Pre-Marital Orgasm
I'm not just waiting for marriage to have sex, I'm completely no PMO!
by Blubbergum December 12, 2019
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Pissed Me Off
"You are starting to PMO!"
by thescoot July 27, 2009
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An acronym for "Piss Me Off".

Created by the Bay$a Bea$ts. Lol.
"This girl was boutta enter my house to eat MY food. Shii, she wah boutta get her ass beat! PMO"
by Baysa November 8, 2011
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rachels word for pisses me off
OMG!! Rachel is PMO SOOOO much right now!!
by Rachels lover December 20, 2005
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