The name of the most amazing girl that you'll ever meet. With her, you get everything. A mixture of both beauty and an amazing personality, something rare to find nowadays. Someone that's kind and caring, smart, funny, good sense of humor, fun and easy to be around, mysterious in some ways, shy yet outgoing, sometimes dorky, etc. It's not hard at all to fall in love with this girl, both as a friend and a lover. When you hold her hand or wrap your arms around her, you'll never want to let go. She is a blessing in the lives of all those that are privileged to have her in their life. She makes you do things that you've never done before. If you're lucky enough to have her, you should never let her go. She is just that amazing and should be cherished.
Bea is amazing!

I've never met a girl like Bea before.

Even though she is a dork, Bea is awesome.
by dorkyman December 3, 2010
The most amazing girl in my life, she always makes and keeps me happy. She is the brightest star in the always dark night sky.
by CrannySmith August 27, 2011
The name of the most beautiful girl and the most amazing friend.She always makes me laugh and always makes me happy whenever I'm sad.She's very beautiful and she has dark brown hair,dark eyes and the bestest friend ever she is the most amazing friend you will ever receive and she is honest,trustworthy,nice,and kinda bad if you get in her bad side but overall she is the greatest and amazing girl you'll ever seen and she is also Asian!!!
Person 1:I'm going to Bea's house today and we are baking cupcakes!!!
by ShadowWickedBadWolf December 9, 2017
Bea is a beautiful, kind and trustworthy friend. She is popular and best of all sexy. No one has ever met Bea and not follen for her. She is bound to be a model someday. She gets good grades and will make it big! She is a very athletic girl, Tall and skinny.
“Wow that girl is hot”
Oh ya. She must be a Bea”
by Gucci_whajsjdcncifdj December 2, 2017
A beautiful girl that can be humorous but serious, smart but dumb, dorky but cool, friendly but not... She is a girl that is admired and looked up to by many, that can make anyone feel like they belong. She is funny, smart, pretty, sexy and talented. She is kind, sweet and lovable. <3 She makes an awesome friend and even awesomer girlfriend.
Person 1: Wow, I wish I could be Bea's friend.
Person 2: Dude, you can.
by itotalydefinitelyknowwhoyouare February 28, 2011
A very small, Danny DeVito sized human. Awkward in life, but cool by nature.

A Bea typically isn’t aware of their value, and therefore will continuously make self deprecating jokes- to the dismay of the boy who is simping over them.
she is bea-utiful.
by pinwroot September 12, 2020
Pretty, moans she’s fat when she’s frickin’ not, generally have long mouses brown hair, and has fun surching random things up on urban dictionary!
“I’m so fat
“Bea you’re literally gorgeous!”
by Thingy1234567890 July 6, 2019