Post #Metoo Obesity.
Hollywood woman who got fat after #metoo because men are not allowed to comment anymore.
That bitch PMO-ed after 2018
by Kingkeezy May 20, 2020
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Girl1: he just broke up with me
Girl2: PMO with Jake
by @nd._.7 November 13, 2019
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P#1~mane my cousin look good dont she ?
P#2~mane pmo to her she look fine asf
by Trexman1203 June 19, 2018
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boy: you look so ugly LMAOOOOO
girl: stfu u pmo
by ms.pimpinyourshoe April 10, 2021
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girl: im so upset
boy: pmo because i'm nosey
by DrunkenMate October 22, 2015
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